A brilliant, creative, rare, and intriguing journey of self-discovery. Sharon’s approach to storytelling is nothing less than compelling, and I was surprised to discover a few things about myself as I connected with her story. I am pleased to say, this book offers a refreshing new perspective on loss, pain, and growth, and has helped me move past some of my own personal grief. Sharon’s experience could have easily been left hidden in the pages of her personal diary, and I am grateful for her willingness to share it with the world. With imaginative and artful expression, it is much like a painting that will move you in ways you may not have expected. I highly recommend this book for my clients, and anyone going through a painful breakup. Sharon’s warmth, humor and depth of character continues to inspire me. I am proud to know her as my friend, mentor and coach.

~Amy McCann

Get Lost, Girlfriend! was a compelling read- I found myself hooked from the first page to the last. "Standing at Sharon's side" while she chose to grow and learn from her experience was uplifting and inspiring, and I empathized deeply, laughing at her trademark humor and tearing up at her pain. If we could all learn to grow similarly from our heartaches, this world would be a brighter place. Sharon shares in an easygoing, flowing style, bringing the reader into her world and making her feel intimately connected to her struggles and eventual triumphs. I look forward to reading more of her work and highly recommend this book to any growth-oriented individual, in addition to anyone who simply wants to be immersed in a meaningful and poignant journey.

Hoping to see future publications by Dr. Sharon Livingston!

Rachel Stein