"My best friend and I didn't have similar backgrounds. She grew up without a mother and father since she was 12 yrs old, me - I had both mother and father and a fairly pleasant childhood. We met when I ventured into the entertainment field as a stage manager and prop girl, and she was in entertainment most of her teen and young adult life. We have been friends for over 30 years. A couple of years ago she came to visit and there was an incident where she prepared a surprise for me, but it wasn't convenient for me to accept it. I heard later from her daughter that she took offense and so after that she was very distant from me. This book "Get Lost Girlfriend" has helped me realize that I need to be my own best friend and leave people to their own misconceptions and imaginingsā€.

~The Rese Adunion

I found the words in this book so compassionate and candid that it made me wish there were more books like this. She describes her pain of being dumped by her best friend in a way that made me relate. She describes pain, insecurities, negativity and frustration in a way that is truly endearing. Her honesty is admirable. I am grateful for the way she shared her loss with me and I by feeling her pain I became more open to my negative emotions. We live in a culture in which shutting down our negative feelings is a must. Why do we have to pretend to be "great" all the time? It's refreshing to see that the gamut of feelings she goes through is the same as if I was listening to my inner self. That makes me feel nurtured and more human. It's easy to love Sharon after meeting with her soul in this book.

~ Alba Alamilloon

OMgosh! Can we give 10 stars ********** Thank you Sharon!

I related, enjoyed and cried because I felt as if I could give myself permission to not fight my feelings! I am not alone! I laughed. Things that Sharon shares about being involved with ... people, hit home! I am blown away on so many levels! The way she is so transparent, all walls down and here it is! Bravo! {{hugs}} & happiness always tossed to your way Sharon ..... ~~Lyn-Dee Eldridge~~ Believing in yourself is your most valuable asset~~