Get Lost Girlfriend
… once I started, I couldn’t stop reading it… the writing is so good, so honest and transparent… The raw gritty, emotion, the delightful humor, and the transformational insights made it an enjoyable read…
~ Jack Canfield, NY Times best selling author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series.

Dr. Sharon Livingston

Author Sharon Livingston shares her outstanding experience and insights in her book "Get Lost Girlfriend" a timeless work that helps you find a new best friend, you.
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Get Lost Girlfriend

Get the book a story, now a book, about how a quirky therapist answers the phone one day, only to hear her closest friend say the dreaded words that cut her off forever. For months, she struggles to pull herself out of the deepest hole she’s ever fallen into.

But how is that possible, with no friend to grab onto? 

By looking hard in the mirror, with windex in one hand and a comical dash of magic in the other,  she discovers a new best friend ever – herself.

You can find the book here — Get Lost Girlfriend

Sharon Livingston


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